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1-) The warranty period starts from the date of delivery of the carpet and is 2 years.
2-) All parts of the carpet are under the manufacturer’s warranty.
3-) In case of defect of the carpet within the warranty period, the period during repair is added to the warranty period.
4-) The repair period of the carpet is maximum 30 working days.
5-) The defects resulting from using the carpet against to the care instructions are out of the warranty.
6-) The warranty period of the replaced goods is limited to the remaining warranty period of the purchased item.
7-) For the problems that may arise in relation to the guarantee certificate, the consumers can apply for their complaints and objections to the Consumer Courts and Consumer Arbitration Committee


• The first time you take your carpet, it is recommended that the surface is swept with the vacuum cleaner a couple of times.
• Carpets should not be shaked out.
• For the product groups that are not recommended to wash in the machine, the carpets should be cleaned by wiping with a mixture of white soap and water.
• Washing is not recommended as much as possible for long-term usage of carpets. However, if it is necessary to wash, the methods which don’t use hard brushing should be preferred and carpet should not be
used before it is completely dried.
• For the carpets that are washed and dried by incorrect methods (with strong solvent chemicals, hard brushes, etc.), there is a risk of irreparable deformations, such as shedding fiber and looseness of flock.
• For Kadife Halı products, the alcohol-derived cleaning materials such as cologne should never be used for cleaning.
• The stains on the carpet can be removed in case of correct and immediate intervention.
• Wipe the flock piles to be in vertical position in the area where the cleaning process is performed with the soft plastic tip brush.
• After washing, the carpet should be dried in a short time and not left moist.
• The carpets whose sizes are suitable for machine wash should be washed in 30-degree short and low cycle program.


Liquids, Stains: Thanks to its liquid repellent technology, after the dry stains are taken out of the carpet with the help of a dry cloth or paper towel, then it is cleaned by wiping with a moist duster.

Solid Particles: They are taken from the carpet surface without extending the stain. With a soft-tipped spatula, the solid particle is gently stripped off without being pressed to the carpet surface. If it is the dust,
then it is removed with a vacuum cleaner or by using a soft brush. Remaining stains are removed with soapy cloth by circular movements without extending the stain.

Pencil Lines and Similar Difficult Stains: The cotton cloth is soaked and soaped with white soap. The stain is cleaned by lightly pressing the stained area without extending. Finally it is wiped w