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About Us

SUEDSER suede factory gives service in different areas such as upholstery fabric and flock carpet. The factory, which is located on an
area of 110.000 m2 in Çerkezköy organized industrial zone, serves as the world’s largest flock (suede) fabric, woven fabric, flock carpet
and printing integrated facility with its production capacity.

The products are manufactured for upholstery, carpet, clothing, shoes, bags, leathercraft and agenda sectors, by using advanced technology.
With its product quality, high production capacity and innovative approach, SUEDSER has made a difference in its sectors and entered
the carpet sector with a new brand strategy in the last quarter of 2015.

Combining many features in production such as waterproof, easy clean, flame retardant, anti- bacterial, SUEDSER continues to develop
products that add value to life and increase the quality of life of consumers. SUEDSER having outstanding success and expertise in the
textile sector, also sustains them in the carpet sector, and offering the quality required by the sector with world trends under Kadife Halı
brand name...

"our history with full of success"

1980 - The first steps were taken in Çakmaklı district in İstanbul.

1986 - Suedser and suede manufacturing facility were established.

2000 - Gold Success Certificate was presented by İTKİB with success in textile and raw material exports.

2004 - Received 20 years patent on special painting technique in suede production.

2005 - 4th suede production line designed and produced domestically with Suedser know-how.

2006 - A co-generation facility based on the use of heat generated during the energy production process was established.

2007 - Taking the 241st place in Turkey’s export ranking.

2008 - Becoming the 8th highest patent applicant firm in Turkey. Success Award for Production Technology Development with Micro Fiber by TUBITAK

2010 - İTKİB Success Award. MOOD best product award.

2011 - Participated in the Turquality program.

2015 - The first facility investment was made for the carpet section. Today’s foundations were laid.

2016 - Acquisition of Microfibres / USA and Microfibrespress / China brands by İlkiz Group.

2017 - Sertex brand with the 2nd 5 year growth program included in the Turquality program.

2018 - A strong and innovative introduction was made to the carpet sector with the brand name of Kadife Halı

"production power spread over three continents"

"investment in product & collaborators.."

Investment in Technology... The company who is not only using the machines produced with the most advanced technology in the world’s largest flocked production plant, but also who can design them.
Corporate infrastructure, well-established past... Strong financial infrastructure and corporate understanding behind the product.
Investment in Science... The 8th highest patent applicant company in Turkey with R&D center supported by the Ministry of Economy.
Unmatched and unrivaled product... Unique and inimitable products manufactured with advanced technology and production methods.
Investment in Design... Original and current collections by the leading designers in the industry.
Original design language and wide color choice ... Combination of world trends and fashionable colors with Kadife Halı design language.
Investment in Human... A skilled human resource engaged with about 40 years of experience.
Easy and accessible price... The new version of carpet with accessible prices.